A Mobile-First strategy in today’s world is in essence a paradigm shift, but one that stretches even farther than our current view of software apps and the internet – it is the idea of FIRST thinking about the way information will be digested and the tools that will be used from the mobile device user’s […]

Renodis Milestone: 15 Years of Freeing Clients from Telecom and Mobility Challenges
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Renodis is excited to announce its 15-year anniversary!

Since Renodis’ small beginnings in 2002, the company has grown into an industry recognized leader in telecom management with 55 employees across 5 states and 100+ enterprise clients.

“This milestone is a big one – as I reflect on the founding of our company and the birth of my eldest daughter, Chloé, on that same day,” comments Craig Beason, CEO and Owner of Renodis. “It gives me great pride as I see both our company and my daughter reaching new heights in achievements and having the courage to innovate among peers. We founded Renodis to help businesses solve their telecom problems. The more we solved, the more we realized our lifecycle approach to telecom management uniquely positioned us to impact our clients’ bottom line while giving them back more time to focus on their businesses. We are very excited about our future as the company continues to grow. I look forward to joining Renodis employees, clients and business partners in celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary.”

Renodis employees celebrated with a fun family picnic at the St. Paul Saints Stadium along with kicking off a new employee initiative and focus on charitable giving and employee recognition which will continue for years ahead.

About Renodis
Renodis is a Telecom and Mobility Management Company focused on freeing clients from telecom frustrations — saving time, money, and enabling clients to focus on their business. This is accomplished through innovative processes, purpose-built systems, talented people and deep industry relationships. Our clients obtain peace of mind knowing their Telecom and Mobility environments are professionally managed yielding lower costs, better technology choices and greater service to their end users. Renodis has established an excellent reputation for delivering great value to firms such as Red Wing Shoe Company, Menards, Presbyterian Homes, Macaroni Grill Restaurants, and hundreds of other firms. A Saint Paul, Minnesota based company since 2002, Renodis has helped hundreds of organizations with Telecom and Mobility needs.

Recently, a group of Renodis employees and their children visited the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) facility in Eagan, MN. There, each person is given a position along the assembly line work station in packaging individual MannaPacks. Each MannaPack contains vitamins, dehydrated vegetables, soy and rice to make sure the recipient of the MannaPack is […]

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology is just beginning to gain traction as a viable way of creating more powerful networks through the strategic use of cost-effective, high-bandwidth WAN connections that promote superior network performance. At its core is a collection of algorithms which calculate the most effective way of routing traffic to locations remote from the hub. It is characterized by the following four principles:

  • It must have the mobility to support multiple connection types, e.g. multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), 3G/4G Long-term evolution(LTE), and Internet
  • It must be able to support Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), in addition to other 3rd-party services like gateways, firewalls, and WAN optimization controllers
  • It must be capable of managing dynamic traffic path selection, so that load-sharing can be implemented across all connections of a WAN
  • It must provide an interface which is extremely simple to setup, yet capable of managing complex WAN requirements, both of which contribute greatly to IT efficiency.

Other SD-WAN benefits

Several different connections can be aggregated so that they actually function as a single virtual overlay network, with no pre-defined transport path. This allows any branch or organization, regardless of location, to anticipate the benefits of uninterrupted continuity and connectivity. In this model, outages become a thing of the past, because there is a seamless failover algorithm which avoids all possible disruptions, and prevents costly downtime for mission-critical systems.

How costs are lowered by SD-WANs

Increasing bandwidth at any branch office or location is always a hassle, and always expensive – at least, in the traditional model of a wide area network. Since an SD-WAN can be composed of any combination of 3G/4G LTE, MPLS, serial service, Ethernet, or Internet, it becomes possible to quickly implement and to make use of any variety of bandwidth options.

With all these options available, including inexpensive Internet service, the software can dynamically select the most efficient and cost-effective path for routing traffic. The need for upgrading WANs constantly is thus effectively eliminated in favor of a more economical and efficient model. One of the real benefits of SD-WAN implementation is that almost any organization has the potential to vastly expand its network capability without sacrificing any connections in the process.

Often, it may not be necessary to purchase additional expensive bandwidth, or add layers of complexity to an existing infrastructure. Ideal for multi-site organizations, SD-WAN technology is set to become the wave of the future in connectivity, in large part due to its superior telecom expense management and flexible connection types. Although it currently sports a mere 1% of the total market share, it is estimated by respected industry analysts that within three years, that figure will soar to more than 30%.

How can you easily achieve the benefits of SD-WAN technology? Contact us today to learn how full life cycle SD-WAN services allow clients faster realization of SD-WAN benefits.

With 20+ years of Telecommunications Industry experience, Jason Madison is part of the Renodis Enterprise Account Management Team.  Jason earned his MBA in 2007 while working at Sprint and has used his education and experience to consult with Fortune 500 corporations throughout his career.  He is a seasoned professional with experience in telecommunication strategy development. Jason has extensive experience in senior sales, management, and strategy roles with AT&T, Eschelon, and Sprint.


We loving volunteering!

On March 30th, 2017 –  thirteen Renodis employees volunteered at the Second Harvest Heartland Headquarters in St. Paul, packing a month’s worth of meals into a single box to be distributed. Second Harvest Heartland is an incredible organization where 94% of everything donated goes directly to fighting hunger and service over 532,000 people each year.

Renodis Volunteers at Second Harvest Heartland

Picture above is the team that volunteered at Second Harvest Heartland on March 30th, 2017.

During the two-hour session, our team, along with a few other volunteers from other organizations, packed 12 pallets (600 boxes, 18,000 pounds, 9 tons) equaling 15,000 meals. The meals that were packed were for local senior citizens. Did you know senior citizens are the fastest growing population who are visiting food shelves, but hesitate to ask for help and are part of the “hidden hungry” in our neighborhoods? Volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland is a wonderful way to give back to our community and we plan on going back again soon.

volunteering at SHH

volunteering at SHH

Our staff members having way TOO much fun – get back to packing!

renodis volunteering

renodis volunteering

Interested in volunteering at Second Harvest? Follow the below link:



Great customer service is the lifeblood of any business. The goal of great customer service is all about providing a trusted and positive customer experience and ensuring they are happy and confident in their choice.  They say a good salesperson has the ability to sell anything to anyone at least once. However, the customer service provided CAN be that significant differentiator and determine if they continue to be a client.  By delivering a positive and trusted customer experience, you can not only increase the likelihood of up-selling opportunities, but also ensure your client will recommend you to others.  The essence of great customer service is forming a solid and trusted relationship with your clients.

#1 – First Impression

Ensure that every one of your customer facing associates are capable of making a good first impression. First opinions are formed within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new. Being on time, prepared, being yourself and presenting yourself appropriately are all important traits that will affect that first impression.  You never have a second opportunity to make a warm and welcoming first impression.

#2 – Provide Timely Responses

Customer support response times can dictate how a client perceives your company and can affect the overall customer experience.  Keeping your clients informed in a timely manner by answering your phone and responding to emails within a reasonable time-frame are essential to great customer service.

#3 – Listen to Your Clients

There is nothing more exasperating for a customer than to communicate and explain things multiple times because you truly aren’t listening.  This can definitely have a negative effect on the overall customer experience.  It is imperative to always pay attention and REALLY hear what your customer is saying.  Let your client talk and show them that you are listening by reiterating what they’ve said and suggesting how to solve their specific problem.

#4 – Deliver a WOW Experience

A WOW experience is delivered by combining empathy and a true understanding of what your client is facing — and then identifying and resolving that challenge.  The best way to understand your customer is to look through the “lens of the customer”.  But be careful to not promise anything unless you are able to follow through with that promise. Being prompt and taking the extra steps goes a long way in showing your clients you care.

#5 – Show appreciation to your customers.

Thanking customers in a meaningful and thoughtful manner on every customer encounter shows clients you care and appreciate their business.  Showing our appreciation via a thank you note after a meeting, a “thank you” gift at Christmas, birthday greetings, taking a client to lunch or inviting them as your guest to a special function, etc.  The key to customer loyalty can be embodied in two simple words: “Thank you”.

Providing great customer service is integral to any successful business. It is about doing the right thing to the best of your ability and being that trusted adviser.  Taking care of your customers creates a trusted positive customer experience and helps encourage them to continue buying from your business through good times and bad.

Mitch Gipp is an experienced Client Engagement Manager who has worked in the telecom industry for over 22 years. For more information on Mitch’s tips, or if you have any comments or questions related to this post, please contact him at mgipp@renodis.com.


Project Manager, Sara Schmitz, was honored last Wednesday with a company luncheon for her win as “2016 Renodis Employee of the Year”. She was voted EOY by her peers and here are just a few nominations showcasing why she is out of this world:

Sara has been a rock whenever she needs to jump in and help out. She is a credit to our team.

Sara goes (and goes) above and beyond to follow up on customer orders, issues, contracts, discos, installs – she rocks!

Sara is accountable and you can always count on her to get things done. She goes out of her way to help the sales rep and the customer to deliver a quality outcome. Thank you for all that you do Sara!

Sara is a shining star and always willing to help out, resolve an issue and can be counted on in ANY situation.

Sara has so much patience. She not only has this beautiful attribute of patience, but has a way of explaining that is so ‘learn-able’ and ‘down to earth’. She truly demonstrates the term “team player”.

When she had a free moment from being a Rockstar, we asked her some questions on what makes her so unique.

Q: When did you join the Renodis Team? June 2015

Q: What did you do before Renodis? Worked in the telecom industry for over 20+ years in a variety of positions

Q: How would you describe your experience at Renodis so far? Wonderful. It feels like I’ve come home.

Q: How do you or your team continue to innovate and challenge the status quo? We consult with each other and use the lessons learned internally.

Q: Where can we find you when you are not at Renodis? With my family and friends or on a new adventure.

Q: In three adjectives, how would you describe your experience at Renodis so far? Thrilled, elated, gleeful.

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A pilot.

Q: What do you think is the most important quality you need to have for success? Good old fashioned Midwestern work ethic.

Q: What do you value most in a job? The people and satisfaction of doing a great job!

Q: What is your most treasured possession? My Costco Card

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement? A great network of family and friends

Q: Have any “hidden talents”? Blowing bubble circles underwater while scuba diving.

Q: If Renodis were a TV show, which character – from any sitcom, drama or reality show (of any period) – would represent you? Mork from Ork, Mork and Mindy

Employee of the Year Sara Schmitz 2016

Not sure if she is Mork from Ork, but she does make us all laugh.

Congratulations Sara on your well-deserved employee of the year award and recognition! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Employee of the Year Sara Schmitz 2016

2017 Inspiration from the desk of Mya Olson, Renodis Project Manager

Have you sat down to write an introduction letter to a potential client and pored over each word because the letter didn’t sound just right? Then you tweaked one word and it changed the entire feeling of the letter so it was just what you wanted — just what you had planned in your mind. One word, changed the entire feeling of the letter. The power of words is amazing.

Novelist KJ Kilton once said,

“Words have power. Their power doesn’t merely emanate from the meaning they carry, but also hidden truth they leave behind in what is left unsaid.”

You hit send on that introduction letter, receive the call that the customer wants to meet, fast forward 6 months and this once potential client is a new customer.  Now, on a semi regular basis you’re sending correspondence and hopefully with as much thoughtfulness as that first letter. This correspondence and these commitments to our clients, are sometimes all customers have to go on when they think of us.

It’s equally important that we do what we say. That when the customer (both external and internal) think of our correspondence they can rely on the message that’s delivered. If you want your customer to take you at your word, then give them the reason to do just that, make your words count.

Have I said yet, that the power of words is amazing? They give another person the opportunity to trust you, to like you, to identify with you. They give you the ability to build upon your partnership. But the power of your words has just as much influence on your personal thoughts and inner dialog as it does on the people you interact with.

Recently I was talking with a friend about our happiest moments in life. I was surprised to find out that their moment was the moment they wake up every day. They are excited at the prospect of all the good that will come from the day. Wow, that’s awesome – to wake up excited about the good that will come from each day. It got me to thinking, what words could I change to keep me excited about my day, to get me out of bed thinking positively about the prospect of my day. I realized it starts by changing one word…

By changing the word “have” to “get”, my entire outlook changes. I “get” to get out of bed; not only do I have a bed to get out of, but I am awake, and that means I am alive! I “get” to go into work; that means I have a job to go to! I “get” to draft correspondence, whether it be PM documentation, letters to end users, or stereo instructions. I “get” to use my knowledge and my words to help my customers. That feeling of giving help leads to feelings of usefulness, of stewardship, and all of this from changing one word.

George Orwell wrote in his novel, 1984,

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

The words we use are powerful. It is up to us to make them positive, useful and necessary.

As I continue in this new year, I will be thinking more about the words I write and the words I speak. After all, the words I use can leave a lasting impact on who they are spoken to, or merely thought, either good or bad. They can make or break an introduction, strengthen or harm a relationship, accelerate or kill my career but most importantly words have the power to change my outlook about every day that I “get” to wake up.

With over 18 years of telecom experience, Mya Olson has been a part of several world class organizations and filled multiple different roles. These roles include: Major Account Executive with one of the nation’s largest telecom providers and, IT Manager for a multi-national chain managing new business implementation from conception to test and turn up. At Renodis she brings her industry knowledge and experience together to serve her clients as Project Manager. In addition to Operations Director in the Olson household, where her 3 girls share the responsibility of CEO and her Farming husband is CFO, Mya enjoys teaching Yoga to her small community in rural South Dakota. If you have questions or comments related to this post, please contact her at molson@renodis.com.

Telecom frustrations.

We hear you. And we know all too well the pain our clients used to face when dealing with network outages, billing issues, and dealing with telecom carriers.

How does an IT Leader focus on growing their business when faced with these complex challenges? Isn’t there a new way to solve this old problem??

You need answers and we’ve got them. JOIN US as nationally-known, award-winning CIO, Joe Topinka, shares his experience with Renodis and how we solve complex telecom and mobility problems, helping accelerate transformation to an IT Business Partnership model.

View the Recording Below…

“It’s that time again. Has it already been three years? It can’t be!”

This is the voice that plays in the PMP’s (Project Management Professional) mind as the three-year renewal deadline approaches each cycle.

For anyone reading this who is not familiar with the “PMP”, the PMP certification is issued by the PMI (Project Management Institute) after training and an extensive exam process and it must be renewed every 36 months with credits or “PDUs” (Professional Development Units) to keep it active. Keeping your PMP credential in active status is a must in the PMP’s mind, as you do not want to go through the PMP exam again.

When my first renewal was coming up many years ago, I panicked. What I am going to do? What classes can I take in a condensed time?  How much money do I have to spend to keep my certification active? After that first round of panic, I made a promise to myself that I will not put myself through that again…and I did not.

There are countless and unlimited ways to earn the needed 60 PDUs over the 36 months to keep your PMP credential active at almost a zero budget and no stress! Below are just a few. You will want to check the PMI CCR handbook (Continuing Certification Renewal System) at the PMI website (WWW.PMI.ORG) for the actual number of PDUs that you can submit for each given area below.

#1 – Attend a meeting

You are probably on a committee in your local city, church or school. This counts! Participate in meetings, activities and local events in your area. There are also professional Project Management organization meetings for your PMI chapter in your area. Check the PMI web site (WWW.PMI.ORG) for your local chapter information.

#2 – Give a presentation

You most likely do this at least a couple of times a year already. It could be a small presentation at a team meeting at your employer or an update at one of the local meetings from above in your city. As long as you document your talk in a summary to submit towards your PDUs to the PMI, you are golden. PMI stresses the positives of presentations sharing knowledge that relates to your certification. By sharing your Project Management knowledge and sharing your skills with others, you are helping others learn and grow and also helping grow the profession. This enhances the practices that are essential to your certified role. Whether you are mentoring, teaching or applying your subject matter knowledge toward an activity, others will benefit from your experience and perspective.

#3 – Read a book

It is as simple as that! Reading is a valuable component of learning, and there are countless reading materials pertinent to Project Management. You can read books, articles, whitepapers, or blogs like this to stay informed and support your ongoing professional development.

#4 – Audit a class or meeting

This is considered informal learning but it still counts! You can earn PDUs by attending and engaging in structured professional discussions with others – for example a “lunch and learn” session with your organization.

#5 – Take credit for your employment

The PMI considers this “giving back”. They want you to share your knowledge and apply your skills to contribute to the Project Management profession and advance the goals of organizations you value and work in. If you are working in the Project Management area of your organization, this allows you to apply your knowledge and skills in a practical setting. Using these proficiencies actively contributes to sustaining and growing the Project Management profession.

#6 – Create content

Create new knowledge resources for use by practitioners and the public. By developing knowledge resources, you can share your skills and insight with others and contribute to their ongoing learning. There are many ways to create new content such as authoring books, blogs like this, articles, or creating webinars or presentations.

#7 – Volunteer

Seriously, think about it…you do this all of the time. By providing volunteer services to non-employer or non-client organizations in your community, you can earn PDUs! The PMI also has an active community of thousands of volunteers who support the PMI and the profession in a wide range of roles so you can serve on a PMI committee or team if you desire. You can also volunteer your job-related services to other not-for-profit organizations.

#8 – Further your education

You can always take continuing education at little or no cost. Most employers these days offer tuition reimbursement and these credits are PDU eligible if related to the Project Management arena. There are many outlets for these activities offered by PMI and also third-party providers such as online or digital media classes, self-paced learning conducted online or through varied forms of digital media, or live leader led classes. The possibilities in this are endless. Technology allows you to cater learning and educational opportunities to your schedule and needs.

To close, I would like to share my personal guidelines to achieve your 60 PDUs in 36 months utilizing the above concepts and resources:

Tip #1: Do not wait until month 35

Make a realistic goal. My goal is that I complete 5-7 PDUs each quarter. This will keep you on track with the needed 60 units by the end of three years.

Tip #2 – Select items that you enjoy

Maybe reading and presenting is not your thing, but volunteering is. Choose the PDU fulfillment area that works best for you and your schedule.

Tip #3 – Stay close to your PMI account

Log in at least once a month to check your approved PDUs and also to keep your finger on the pulse on any new updates or announcements PMI has for you.

Tip #4 – Stay focused on your career in combination with your PMP credential

As long as you follow the above tools, resources and my simple guidelines (that work for me), I guarantee this next round of renewal will be stress-free.

Your Project Management career is a journey and you will need to stay on top of the Project Management profession as the needs of employers grow and change. This is the primary reason PMI requires the PDUs every three years. A PMP certification gives you a significant competitive edge over your Project Management peers in the industry, so keeping it current and active is so very important. It keeps you relevant and helps you to better position yourself as ‘the asset’ to what companies are looking for and require.

Melissa Wold is an experienced Certified Project Management Professional who has worked in the telecom industry for over 27 years. For more information on Melissa’s tips, or if you have any comments or questions related to this post, please contact her at mwold@renodis.com.