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Your trusted partner for hospitality utility and energy solutions

A Holistic Approach to Utility Management

Renodis offers more than just a suite of services; we provide a holistic approach to utility and energy management. From meticulous bill auditing that uncovers hidden savings to strategic energy procurement that secures competitive rates, our services cover the entire spectrum of utility management. Whether you are aiming for significant cost reductions, compliance with energy regulations, or demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, Renodis is your trusted partner in achieving these goals.

Utility & Energy Services

Bill Auditing

Gain control over your utility expenses with our meticulous auditing services. Renodis conducts thorough assessments of your utility usage, identifies cost-saving opportunities, and ensures accuracy in billing. Our auditing services are the first step towards a more cost-efficient and transparent utility management process.

Utility & Energy Services

Utility Expense Management

Renodis takes the complexity out of expense management. Our solutions help you track, analyze, and optimize utility and energy expenses, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising performance.

Utility & Energy Services

Brand Sustainability Reporting

Enhance your brand’s sustainability commitment with Renodis. Our Brand Sustainability Reporting services for hospitality clients go beyond the norm. We meticulously capture energy, waste, and water data while ensuring seamless integration into major platforms like:

  • Marriott Mesh
  • Hilton LightStay
  • IHG Green Engage
  • Hyatt EcoTrack

By partnering with Renodis, your brand not only fosters a positive environmental impact but also gains a competitive edge.

Utility & Energy Services

Bill Payment Services

Say goodbye to late fees and billing headaches. Renodis offers secure and efficient bill payment services, ensuring your utility and energy payments are processed accurately and on time.

Utility & Energy Services

Energy Procurement

Renodis takes pride in the experience and success we have had for our clients in the Energy Procurement Department. At the onset of our process, our Energy Procurement Supervisor will discuss the risk tolerance with the client for the purpose of attaining the best product available to accommodate the client’s needs. Renodis will then utilize a competitive bidding process for the client’s natural gas and electric supply in deregulated markets. This process is used to ensure that the client is receiving the most beneficial pricing available at the time of the bid. Upon client approval, Renodis will implement the change with the awarded supplier and monitor monthly billings to guarantee the contracted price is billing accurately. As an ongoing service, Renodis takes a proactive approach by continuously monitoring current market trends and makes recommendations for continued savings opportunities prior to contract expiration.

Utility & Energy Services

EV Charging

We collaborate closely with various Electric Charging Station Vendors, working alongside you to assess your specific requirements.

For instance, we delve into details such as the number of stations you intend to acquire, the desired size (Level 1, Level 2, DC Fast Charge, also known as DCFC), available rebates in your region, and the status of your electric infrastructure. Our aim is to align our efforts with your unique needs. Subsequently, we engage with our network of charging station vendors to formulate a tailored recommendation, taking into account your requirements, pricing considerations, and the available rebates in your locality.

Utility & Energy Services

Energy Updates

We will work with your team to determine what types of equipment or lighting upgrades are available for your facility. We work with multiple vendors to ensure that your needs are met and that all your questions and concerns are answered.

  • Energy Management Systems (thermostats, lighting controls)
  • Lighting upgrades
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Lighting Controls
  • Water Conservation
  • Solar and Community Solar
  • Demand Response
  • And more
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