“Thanks to Renodis we get more in-depth reporting, analysis and control of our mobility area, including both spend and usage, while freeing up more time for myself and my employees to focus on other areas for our customers.”

– Mike Colley, EUC Infrastructure Architect, Wright Medical Group

CUSTOMER: Wright Medical Group

:  Orthopedic & Prosthetic Equipment
PRIMARY BUSINESS DRIVER:  Committed to delivering innovative, value-added solutions improving quality of life for patients world-wide

  • 17% reduction in international usage charges
  • Enhanced reporting for all data usage and costs
  • Focused management of mobility carriers


Mike Colley, Director of IT at Wright Medical, knew they needed to find ways to deploy their limited IT resources in a more strategic and productive way. Due to the time consuming nature of professionally managing mobile devices, looking to a third party would produce a strong financial case and ROI. Their specific challenges included:

  • Limited time and resources to:
    • Ensure competitive voice/data rates
    • Confirm vendor contracts are in line with market, all discounts and incentives included
    • Ensure international management practices are in place
  • Getting devices to end users quickly, ensuring tickets are being worked and end user is being provided a solid experience
  • Inability to run custom reports with data usage, total cost per user
  • Inability to track mobility charges by department

SOLUTION – Mobility Management Services (MMS)

MMS is a complete enterprise mobility management solution focused on creating best-in-class outcomes. MMS can be a stand-alone solution or a subset of
Renodis’ full Telecom Management Solution.


  • Carrier order processing
  • Live agent level 1 & 2 device support
  • Carrier escalation management
  • Asset utilization review


  • Spend allocation by cost centers
  • Ongoing management of devices, plans, features
  • Monthly audit of invoice charges
  • Monthly plan optimization
  • Carrier billing and credit management


  • Manage vendor relationships and escalate billing issues
  • Monitor contract timelines
  • Negotiate contract renewals/revisions



  • Renodis technology platform, Vision, provides all reporting for data usage, total cost per user
  • Renodis incorporated reporting by GL codes which allows billing to individual business units


  • 17% reduction in international usage charges
  • 9% overall cost per device decrease
  • Corporate visibility to individual data usage for improved plan management
  • Vendor contract consolidation to leverage discounts
  • Reduction in IT resources within mobility environment


  • End user education for improved data usage
  • Single number to call for ALL mobility needs
  • End user support enhanced by focused management of mobility carriers


  • Implementation of best practices, reducing risk of overages due to international travel
  • Mitigated risk during merger integration of mobility environment