IT People Rule

Our Renodis team had a great time presenting and sponsoring last week at the Mid Market CIO Executive Summit in Minneapolis. We were yet again reminded that IT folks are natural problem solvers, a pivotal piece in the success of business, and fun to chat with!

So, in proper tribute fashion, we’d like to present:



10. They know Lotus Notes is NOT a flower. 

9. Their natural problem solving abilities allow them to excel at trivia, Boggle and Risk. We suggest another option for game night if you’re playing with these folks.

8. They know that 2-3 computer screens allow for optimal productivity. And it looks cool too.

7. They know that the Waterfall Method has nothing to do with Niagara.

6. They know that just because they’re called “smart phones” doesn’t mean they can’t be used for dumb reasons. They’re also a quick draw with their phone holsters.

5. They realize the DVD tray is not a coffee mug holder.

4. They know you can get away with video conferencing in pajama pants.

3. They know that given enough coffee and pizza, sleep is optional.

2. They understand that cloud computing will work just fine on a sunny day.

And the number ONE reason Information Technology People Rule… (drum roll please)

1. In true Minnesota IT fashion – they know that a cold boot is not something you put your foot in when you need to go out and shovel.

Have another reason why Information Technology People Rule? Add a comment below!

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