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St. Paul, Minn. – I.T. Leaders and CIOs can focus on strategic initiatives, gain greater telecom expertise, and lower their total cost of telecom according to a new white paper published by Renodis (, the only firm in America providing integrated professional management of business communications infrastructure.

How can outsourcing telecom management help a company?  “It’s allowed us to do more value-added services versus managing boilerplate telecom functions,” says Joe Topinka, CIO and Vice President of Multichannel Commerce at Red Wing Shoe Company. “We’re able to do more project-based work now.  These strategic initiatives have to do with expanding market strategy. That’s a big deal for us,” he says.  “Telecom management is important – it’s the dial tone of the organization. But it’s not what differentiates us, so we looked for a partner.”

The paper also describes how outsourcing has grown substantially in the I.T. field.  “Traditionally, I.T. is inside the wall with network design, system design, computing, desktop support,” says Tim Colwell, Senior Vice President of Global Analytics at AOTMP.  “Outside the wall, there’s this monumental complexity in carrier services, plans, and tariffs. It’s ever-changing and rapidly evolving.”  Colwell says many companies just don’t have the in-house expertise for telecom jobs such as providing mobile help-desk support, overseeing mobile-device management, managing inventory, or leading dispute resolution and negotiating with carriers.

Managing telecom internally is not only a heavy drain on resources, but normally results in increased costs. In one such instance, a national manufacturer/retailer that starting outsourcing their telecom management saw a 17% cost reduction over 3 years, higher end-user satisfaction, and successful redeployment of key I.T. talent.

Topinka says outsourcing telecommunications management made a difference for his company’s bottom line. “It makes sense to outsource,” he says. “Our CFO, like most CFOs, was looking for efficiencies and cost savings while wanting to improve service. It really answered both those questions. The result was better service and improving cost structure.”

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About Renodis
Renodis is the only firm in America providing professional management of businesses communications infrastructure. As a pioneer in its field, Renodis is committed to providing objective service that empowers clients to reduce the Total Cost of Telecom™, free up valuable IT and Executive resources, future-proof their technology, and gain more time for core business initiatives.


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