Renodis Milestone: 15 Years of Freeing Clients from Telecom and Mobility Challenges
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Renodis is excited to announce its 15-year anniversary!

Since Renodis’ small beginnings in 2002, the company has grown into an industry recognized leader in telecom management with 55 employees across 5 states and 100+ enterprise clients.

“This milestone is a big one – as I reflect on the founding of our company and the birth of my eldest daughter, Chloé, on that same day,” comments Craig Beason, CEO and Owner of Renodis. “It gives me great pride as I see both our company and my daughter reaching new heights in achievements and having the courage to innovate among peers. We founded Renodis to help businesses solve their telecom problems. The more we solved, the more we realized our lifecycle approach to telecom management uniquely positioned us to impact our clients’ bottom line while giving them back more time to focus on their businesses. We are very excited about our future as the company continues to grow. I look forward to joining Renodis employees, clients and business partners in celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary.”

Renodis employees celebrated with a fun family picnic at the St. Paul Saints Stadium along with kicking off a new employee initiative and focus on charitable giving and employee recognition which will continue for years ahead.

About Renodis
Renodis is a Telecom and Mobility Management Company focused on freeing clients from telecom frustrations — saving time, money, and enabling clients to focus on their business. This is accomplished through innovative processes, purpose-built systems, talented people and deep industry relationships. Our clients obtain peace of mind knowing their Telecom and Mobility environments are professionally managed yielding lower costs, better technology choices and greater service to their end users. Renodis has established an excellent reputation for delivering great value to firms such as Red Wing Shoe Company, Menards, Presbyterian Homes, Macaroni Grill Restaurants, and hundreds of other firms. A Saint Paul, Minnesota based company since 2002, Renodis has helped hundreds of organizations with Telecom and Mobility needs.

Recently, a group of Renodis employees and their children visited the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) facility in Eagan, MN. There, each person is given a position along the assembly line work station in packaging individual MannaPacks. Each MannaPack contains vitamins, dehydrated vegetables, soy and rice to make sure the recipient of the MannaPack is […]

We loving volunteering!

On March 30th, 2017 –  thirteen Renodis employees volunteered at the Second Harvest Heartland Headquarters in St. Paul, packing a month’s worth of meals into a single box to be distributed. Second Harvest Heartland is an incredible organization where 94% of everything donated goes directly to fighting hunger and service over 532,000 people each year.

Renodis Volunteers at Second Harvest Heartland

Picture above is the team that volunteered at Second Harvest Heartland on March 30th, 2017.

During the two-hour session, our team, along with a few other volunteers from other organizations, packed 12 pallets (600 boxes, 18,000 pounds, 9 tons) equaling 15,000 meals. The meals that were packed were for local senior citizens. Did you know senior citizens are the fastest growing population who are visiting food shelves, but hesitate to ask for help and are part of the “hidden hungry” in our neighborhoods? Volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland is a wonderful way to give back to our community and we plan on going back again soon.

volunteering at SHH

volunteering at SHH

Our staff members having way TOO much fun – get back to packing!

renodis volunteering

renodis volunteering

Interested in volunteering at Second Harvest? Follow the below link:



Project Manager, Sara Schmitz, was honored last Wednesday with a company luncheon for her win as “2016 Renodis Employee of the Year”. She was voted EOY by her peers and here are just a few nominations showcasing why she is out of this world:

Sara has been a rock whenever she needs to jump in and help out. She is a credit to our team.

Sara goes (and goes) above and beyond to follow up on customer orders, issues, contracts, discos, installs – she rocks!

Sara is accountable and you can always count on her to get things done. She goes out of her way to help the sales rep and the customer to deliver a quality outcome. Thank you for all that you do Sara!

Sara is a shining star and always willing to help out, resolve an issue and can be counted on in ANY situation.

Sara has so much patience. She not only has this beautiful attribute of patience, but has a way of explaining that is so ‘learn-able’ and ‘down to earth’. She truly demonstrates the term “team player”.

When she had a free moment from being a Rockstar, we asked her some questions on what makes her so unique.

Q: When did you join the Renodis Team? June 2015

Q: What did you do before Renodis? Worked in the telecom industry for over 20+ years in a variety of positions

Q: How would you describe your experience at Renodis so far? Wonderful. It feels like I’ve come home.

Q: How do you or your team continue to innovate and challenge the status quo? We consult with each other and use the lessons learned internally.

Q: Where can we find you when you are not at Renodis? With my family and friends or on a new adventure.

Q: In three adjectives, how would you describe your experience at Renodis so far? Thrilled, elated, gleeful.

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A pilot.

Q: What do you think is the most important quality you need to have for success? Good old fashioned Midwestern work ethic.

Q: What do you value most in a job? The people and satisfaction of doing a great job!

Q: What is your most treasured possession? My Costco Card

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement? A great network of family and friends

Q: Have any “hidden talents”? Blowing bubble circles underwater while scuba diving.

Q: If Renodis were a TV show, which character – from any sitcom, drama or reality show (of any period) – would represent you? Mork from Ork, Mork and Mindy

Employee of the Year Sara Schmitz 2016

Not sure if she is Mork from Ork, but she does make us all laugh.

Congratulations Sara on your well-deserved employee of the year award and recognition! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Employee of the Year Sara Schmitz 2016

This post is guest written by resident Genesys Works intern, Tiffany Thao…

Earning an internship is a big deal, AND it’s also important to prepare for adapting and learning in the workplace. This blog is about me, Tiffany Thao, currently an intern at Renodis through Genesys Works, a non-profit organization that gives students in High School, specifically seniors, a chance to become young professionals and receive college help. Here are my 5 best tips for Genesys Works interns in the upcoming years as they enter their internship either at Renodis or at another company.

From the beginning as I earned an internship through Genesys Works in order to work for Renodis I realized that receiving an internship was undoubtedly exciting yet peculiarly scary. This means that I would have to meet new people, experience a different environment, and take actions on what I’ve learned through my training at Genesys Works. Just the thought of it was terrifying since it was a different world that I wasn’t really familiar with, but that didn’t stop me from entering my first day at my internship.

Tip #1: Ask Questions
How I adapted and learned the first month of my internship of working for Renodis was by asking questions based on what I didn’t know or found interesting. Asking questions truly helped me because I gained more knowledge, benefiting me and the workforce. I was able to connect with the employees as well to which I became more comfortable when communication was involved. Therefore, I asked as many questions as I could.

Tip #2: Take Notes
Note taking was one of the tips that I followed because it really worked! I was allowed to look back on the notes taken and given when I came across tasks that I’ve already done before. Looking back at the notes helped me quickly retrieve information relevant to new tasks. Also I won’t always ask questions about the same thing when I have the notes.

Tip #3: Be Punctual
Being punctual is beneficial because there won’t be any rushing when you get to work on time. Getting to work on time also allows you to easily pick up on tasks that haven’t been finished or continue on with tasks from the day before. This increases the time you’ll have at the end of the day to either learn about other things you’re interested in or proactively work on projects assigned. This is why being punctual is important.

Tip #4: Be Honest, Respectful and Positive
Addressing everyone within the workplace with honesty, respect, positivity and friendliness showcases the value of who you are as a person. It’s like the saying of “treat others the way you want to be treated.” From that foundation I can build great connections with everyone whether if it’s getting to know who they are personally or professionally. It also aligns with the culture within the company, therefore it won’t be difficult to catch on because everyone is respectful and friendly.

Tip #5: Look the Part
Looking the part means that you are taking information and following the rules of the company. This means dressing professionally and according to the dress code given. Besides that, you also get a chance to see yourself in a different perspective as you proceed on with your internship.

Overall these are the tips that I followed on my journey while I entered the first month of my Renodis internship. Now that you know how I adapted and learned, YOU’RE ready to adapt and learn for your internship. I hope everything is going to be an awesome journey for you.

Good luck!
– Tiffany

Renodis was thrilled to be partnering with the Genesys Works organization for the first time by providing an internship for the 2016-17 school year — filled by Tiffany Thao. Interested in learning more about this great organization? We encourage you to check out all the details here: