Customer Story

We’re excited to announce Renodis was featured by Microsoft in a customer story!

The following is an excerpt from a recent press release highlighting the news:

Renodis, America’s first communications managed services company focused on a seamless and superior communications experience for clients, was featured by Microsoft in a story that showcased the innovative use of Microsoft Cloud technology to professionally manage communications environments.

“Together, we created a great piece that really shows the innovative ways Renodis has transformed its business to better serve customers and increase employee productivity,” states Leo Mason, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “The Renodis promise is to help clients spend more time on strategic initiatives, and less on operations. To do that, Renodis needed a world-class delivery model with supporting technology that allowed it to provide a cost-of-operations lower than its clients could accomplish on their own.”

“We offer a set of outsourcing management services to our clients to manage their communications infrastructure,” says Paul Cashin, Vice President of Client Solutions for Renodis. “As we examined the marketplace, there wasn’t an existing platform that allowed us to build out our service model. We needed to find a platform that offered core capabilities but could also be expanded and integrated.”

To evolve its managed services solution, Renodis identified 5 key requirements: a central company-wide platform, ability to track sales and marketing activities, integration capability with other Microsoft solutions, a complete view of client information, and anytime/anywhere access. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online supported Renodis’ emerging business requirements by providing a core set of functions: a ticketing system, SLA functionally, contract database, integration options, and customer lifecycle management.

A direct benefit for Renodis clients is that all the data about their communications infrastructure is stored in one location. Renodis gives clients actionable insights based on the client’s particular situation, and it is able to compare how each client’s communications layer compares to the industry best-practices derived from its experience managing multiple clients’ communications infrastructures. “It comes down to value provided,” Cashin says. “We measure ourselves on the business, technical, economic, and support value we are providing to our clients. The Dynamics platform allows us to track and report on our performance across those four value dimensions.”

Renodis has coined the term Vision™ for its platform powered by Microsoft, affirming the company’s commitment to providing clients with professional management of their communications environment.

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