The VeloCloud VMware acquisition has been shaking up an already “disrupted” telecom industry since it’s announcement in November. Is this acquisition an argument to finally pull the trigger on investing in SD-WAN technology for your organization?

Experts agree that SD-WAN provides new options for reducing WAN costs with clear ROI, improving performance, and increasing availability. Here’s what Gartner has to say:

We recommend you look at SD-WAN when refreshing WAN edge equipment, renegotiating a carrier contract, building out new branches, or aggressively moving apps to the cloud (among other reasons).

We, along with industry experts, believe it’s worth a discussion.

SD-WAN essentially represents a new way to manage network connectivity to other office locations using software-defined networking principles — a potentially BIG competitive edge for your organization.

VeloCloud VMware SD-WAN technology can aggregate multiple types of connections, including broadband, MPLS and cellular, to create more reliable connections that are also often less expensive than going the MPLS only route.

So what does VMware stand to gain?

VMware, traditionally known for virtual machine management software, now looks to focus on network management. In 2012, VMware paid more than $1 billion to purchase Nicira, a start up company whose product is now sold by VMware as NSX.

We agree with IDC networking analyst Brad Casemore quoted in NetworkWorld’s Nov 2nd article: 

In choosing to purchase VeloCloud VMware says it’s found a company that has done well with mid-market and enterprise customers, and has seen some success in service provider and telecommunication provider users as well…

We at Renodis are excited about the state of the SD-WAN industry and the value we bring to our clients by being an authorized reseller and solution partner of VeloCloud.

Renodis solutions enhance VeloCloud’s SD-WAN products with a complete life cycle service, from proof-of-concept and business case, to configuration and deployment, through a comprehensive managed support service.

Not sure where to begin?

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