Renodis announced today the company has recieved record-breaking Telecom Services Net Promoter scores over 5x higher than telecom and managed services industry averages. This parallels industry trends as more and more enterprises are moving to outsourcing telecom and mobility management.

Clients surveyed mentioned Renodis Telecom Services expertise in managing multiple telecom vendors and producing successful outcomes, Renodis responsiveness and high level of support, overall management of financials and decreases in total cost, and ability to seamlessly manage complex telecom and mobility projects.

“Renodis is extremely reliable,” said Marc Kermich, CIO of Red Wing Shoe Company. “There are a lot of vendors who will provide a plethora of services to pick from, but you still need to manage quality. We turned to Renodis because they carry the whole package. They bring great service, great quality, and the added benefit is they’re always thinking about lowering my cost of doing business.”

“Client experience and supporting our client’s business priorities are the primary drivers of everything we do at Renodis,” said CEO and Founder, Craig Beason. “For the past fifteen years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building industry-leading telecom management methodologies that have been proven to produce great outcomes for our clients.”

As Renodis sees customer experience as paramount to serving clients, Renodis maintains an ongoing Client Survey Program which gauges short and long-term satisfaction, customer experience, and opportunities for improvement in every one of its Telecom Services and Mobility Management disciplines:

  • Technology Management: Ensuring each client has the right technologies in place that align with business priorities, leveraging the latest advancements in communications technology.
  • Vendor Management: Ensuring each client uses the right vendor that provides the correct services they need at the most competitive price, negotiating best-in-class terms, and managing contracts associated with all vendors.
  • Financial Management: A proactively managed and optimized Telecom Financial ecosystem closely tied to other disciplines – including audits, invoices, cost allocations, disputes, and analytics.
  • User Support: Providing exceptional end user support for telecom and mobility along with seasoned project management to migrate and manage change.
  • Asset Management: Complete, consolidated, and real-time inventory of all telecom and mobile assets.

“Renodis has been a game changer for DRC,” said John Bandy, CIO of Data Recognition Corporation and CIO of the Year from Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal. “The Renodis solution is Turnkey –  from an assessment to complete implementation and ongoing management. We have clear visibility, we know that our vendors are being managed, and our services are up to date. It’s also allowed us to spend more internal IT time and resources on strategic solutions to drive our growth.”


The achievement of these high scores also follow a Renodis expansion of Telecom Services with the January acquisition of US ACOMM, a network solutions provider headquartered in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

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Great customer service is the lifeblood of any business. The goal of great customer service is all about providing a trusted and positive customer experience and ensuring they are happy and confident in their choice.  They say a good salesperson has the ability to sell anything to anyone at least once. However, the customer service provided CAN be that significant differentiator and determine if they continue to be a client.  By delivering a positive and trusted customer experience, you can not only increase the likelihood of up-selling opportunities, but also ensure your client will recommend you to others.  The essence of great customer service is forming a solid and trusted relationship with your clients.

#1 – First Impression

Ensure that every one of your customer facing associates are capable of making a good first impression. First opinions are formed within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new. Being on time, prepared, being yourself and presenting yourself appropriately are all important traits that will affect that first impression.  You never have a second opportunity to make a warm and welcoming first impression.

#2 – Provide Timely Responses

Customer support response times can dictate how a client perceives your company and can affect the overall customer experience.  Keeping your clients informed in a timely manner by answering your phone and responding to emails within a reasonable time-frame are essential to great customer service.

#3 – Listen to Your Clients

There is nothing more exasperating for a customer than to communicate and explain things multiple times because you truly aren’t listening.  This can definitely have a negative effect on the overall customer experience.  It is imperative to always pay attention and REALLY hear what your customer is saying.  Let your client talk and show them that you are listening by reiterating what they’ve said and suggesting how to solve their specific problem.

#4 – Deliver a WOW Experience

A WOW experience is delivered by combining empathy and a true understanding of what your client is facing — and then identifying and resolving that challenge.  The best way to understand your customer is to look through the “lens of the customer”.  But be careful to not promise anything unless you are able to follow through with that promise. Being prompt and taking the extra steps goes a long way in showing your clients you care.

#5 – Show appreciation to your customers.

Thanking customers in a meaningful and thoughtful manner on every customer encounter shows clients you care and appreciate their business.  Showing our appreciation via a thank you note after a meeting, a “thank you” gift at Christmas, birthday greetings, taking a client to lunch or inviting them as your guest to a special function, etc.  The key to customer loyalty can be embodied in two simple words: “Thank you”.

Providing great customer service is integral to any successful business. It is about doing the right thing to the best of your ability and being that trusted adviser.  Taking care of your customers creates a trusted positive customer experience and helps encourage them to continue buying from your business through good times and bad.

Mitch Gipp is an experienced Client Engagement Manager who has worked in the telecom industry for over 22 years. For more information on Mitch’s tips, or if you have any comments or questions related to this post, please contact him at