“Thanks to Renodis we get more in-depth reporting, analysis and control of our mobility area, including both spend and usage, while freeing up more time for myself and my employees to focus on other areas for our customers.” – Mike Colley, EUC Infrastructure Architect, Wright Medical Group

“Renodis has been instrumental in driving down our telecom costs while increasing our service. It’s Renodis’ people that have made a difference. From how they leverage their relationships and experience with our telecom vendors to the quality of care they provide when assisting our employees and stores. Renodis is a true partner and an extension […]

“Renodis has been a game changer for DRC.” – John Bandy, CIO & MSPBJ CIO of the Year

John Bandy, CIO at Data Recognition Corporation, knew they needed to “think differently” if they wanted to focus on differentiating their business.

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INDUSTRY: Commercial Scientific Research Services
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 600 full time, 3000+ seasonal
PRIMARY BUSINESS DRIVER: Driving innovation and technology, agility, client experience, responsiveness


Business Challenges

  • “Seasonal” environment causes peak times that require higher level of services and customized cost-effective solutions
  • Challenging telecom financial management process, controls, and visibility

Communications Challenges

  • Employee changes caused uncompleted projects resulting in duplicate services and invoices
  • Needed proactive MDM support
  • Limited telecom expertise and experience
  • Poor carrier visibility and support
  • Struggled with ongoing management of communications services billing and cost allocation


TCM is the industry’s First Turnkey Communications Managed Services solution focused on a seamless and superior experience for clients.

  • End-to-end management of all communications
  • Managed with first communications ERP Renodis Vision™
  • “Un-telecom” experience
  • Based on 5 Management Disciplines
    – Technology Mgmt
    – Asset Mgmt
    – Vendor Mgmt
    – Financial Mgmt
    – User Support Mgmt

Renodis’ TCM Solution measures, then maximizes value within four key dimensions. This allows visibility and shows specifically how TCM has added value.


  • Renodis monitoring solution, Beacon, improved response times and reduced downtime
  • Customized solutions put in place handle seasonal spikes
  • Reduced security risk due to enhanced MDM management


  • Audit and financial management resulted in ongoing cost savings of 20% in Wireline and 50% in mobility
  • Improved monthly reporting and visibility of communications services billing
  • Renegotiation of MDM contract resulted in 30% savings

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  • Help desk integration increased internal productivity
  • Accurate, real time visibility of communications services assets and inventory
  • Renodis project management office assisted with relocation of data center facility


  • Improved focus on IT related initiatives and technology to drive business value
  • Ongoing cost optimization to manage costs and improve financial performance
  • Improved employee productivity as a result of professional management of communications

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