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Why T-Mobile’s New International Travel and Roaming Plan is Worth Your Time

Trying to find out the best plans, features, minutes, and discounts among the carriers is enough to drive most business’ telecom departments into submission – the most dreadful of all of these complexities is international roaming. In one such instance, an employee of a well-known company traveled internationally without notifying their company. The person racked […]


The Real Costs of BYOD and How to Contain Them

There is a fairy-tale misconception that by allowing employees to use their own devices, the business will save a fortune in corporate dollars. The truth is, if not managed correctly, costs of BYOD or ‘bring your own device‘ may go up in the end. In this blog post we’ll identify the real costs of BYOD […]

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Mobility: How to Make Small Companies Seem Big and Big Companies Seem Small

It’s all about perception, isn’t it?  Since the dot.com era, the ‘mom and pop’ shop has tried to appear larger and more established to convey stability and credibility.  Large companies long for the deeper relationships with customers that small companies have.  Mobility is an unprecedented game-changer, allowing your business to alter market perception – here’s how.


Core Components of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management, or EMM, is the latest acronym in the cornucopia of buzz words floating around the telecom space today.   Without question, mobility has not only enhanced employee productivity and accessibility, it has fundamentally altered enterprise communication structures around the globe.   With so many employees accessing and manipulating corporate data from virtually any location […]

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Mobility’s Impact on Your Workforce

Mobility is an essential part of today’s workforce. To hear of an employee who does not have access to corporate email remotely is nearly unheard of. According to Gartner, worldwide mobile voice and data revenue will exceed one trillion dollars a year by 2014[1].  The desire and necessity for increased mobility has brought about drastic changes […]

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Benefits of Implementing MDM

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is fast becoming the acronym of the moment as organizations struggle to deal with the ubiquity of mobile devices amongst their workforce.   As workers are more and more vocal in their desire to utilize their own devices in the workplace, security management becomes crucial in protecting the organization’s data.  Mobile Device […]