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Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc.

“Renodis has been instrumental in driving down our telecom costs while increasing our service. It’s Renodis’ people that have made a difference. From how they leverage their relationships and experience with our telecom vendors to the quality of care they provide when assisting our employees and stores. Renodis is a true partner and an extension […]


Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)

“Renodis has been a game changer for DRC.” – John Bandy, CIO & MSPBJ CIO of the Year John Bandy, CIO at Data Recognition Corporation, knew they needed to “think differently” if they wanted to focus on differentiating their business. INDUSTRY: Commercial Scientific Research Services NUMBER OF LOCATIONS: 10+ NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 600 full time, 3000+ seasonal PRIMARY BUSINESS DRIVER: […]

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Things You Won’t Hear Telecom Carriers Say

To suggest that telecom carriers lack a reputation for altruism is a pretty non-controversial opinion.  There is no harm of course in any business pursuing a healthy profit and telecom companies should not be scorned for the ultimate pursuit of capitalism. However, the concern that most mid-sized firms (500-5000 employees) face is not what the carrier […]