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Why Telecom Management is Not Worth Your IT Time

As an IT leader, do you remember the first time you had that ‘aha’ moment when you realized that you can’t be all things to all stakeholders because of the pesky, immutable Economic Law of limited resources/unlimited opportunity? If you are like other IT leaders, that moment of enlightenment was probably both liberating and frustrating.  […]

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Where Does Telecom Management Belong in Your Organization?

When you think of the telecommunications function within the enterprise, most professionals are likely (and erroneously) to assume that telecom is synonymous with IT.  While there are definite interdependencies, most organizations’ strategic IT plans tend to leave telecom by the wayside. The telecom function seems an identy-less waif looking for a home. Is it a […]

“Good Enough” – The Face of Today’s Toxic Telecom

  “Telecommunications” is not exactly a four-letter word, but most IT Execs and CIOs usually think of several such words when the topic comes up regarding how to manage toxic telecom. Why? In one word: Dysfunctional. In a few words: Not Strategic, not customer focused, not fun. Executives reluctantly accept the seemingly inevitable conclusion that […]