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The number ‘13’ universally elicits superstitious feelings of bad luck for most people. Add a ‘Friday’ to it and you have the title of a pretty scary movie.

sad-jason-13thsad face Jason on Friday the 12th

However, here at Renodis, the number 13 is far from an unlucky number. It was 13 years ago we began with an idea that trends in the telecom industry put mid-sized firms in a tough position to successfully manage communications.

What began as a typical business model of offering expertise and support for vendor selection and project management, has morphed into the nation’s only end-to-end communications managed services solution purpose-built to produce great value for our clients.

It was risky.

At first, the marketplace and our many partners thought we were nuts to try and spend the time and money to build a comprehensive solution involving the best people, processes and custom tools to manage the entire communications ecosystem in today’s hyper-connected world. They cautioned us that there were many other companies that were offering up pieces of the solution and it was folly to assume one firm could master every facet of the lifecycle – and be accountable for excellence and value.

They said the status quo of expecting dysfunction and mediocrity was good enough and no one would understand a complete solution, nor place great value on excellence in the management of this space.

Well, it’s been 13 years since our founding and 3 years since we hatched the idea of Turnkey Communications Management. We couldn’t be more excited to report we are helping our early adopters by providing tremendous value so they can focus their IT staff on strategic initiatives that help ‘grow’ the firm vs. fumbling with the numerous tactical (yet important) actions and events that fit in the ‘run’ bucket.

The crossover point.

The greatest inflection point for all businesses is when they cross over from “if” they will succeed and offer real value — to “how fast” do they wish to grow.

With several clients under management, a mature delivery model, seasoned management, and expert people and tools, we are poised for careful growth by helping clients who wish to change the status quo.

Over the next 13 years we look forward to helping hundreds of clients become IT superstars and best in class businesses …..and that is nothing to be afraid of!

Don’t be scared of change. It can be great. So can the number 13!

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