Business Wireless Costs

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype about the latest mobile technology, but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay for your wireless needs.  There are plenty of ways to trim the overall cost while keeping the service you need.  Follow these 10 tips to save money on business wireless costs.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #1: Investigate Low Minute Plans

In a scenario where you have many mobile devices and are able to share your minutes, the best option may be low minute plans. Ask your carrier if they have zero minute or low minute plans that they normally don’tadvertise.  When pooling (i.e. sharing) your minutes, the zero or low minute plans allow you to best optimize your overall account.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #2: Skip the Unlimited

There are times when unlimited plans are cost effective for personal users, but they are hardly ever cost effective on business accounts. In a properly managed pool environment, unlimited plans are unnecessary.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #3: Monitor Your Usage

Monitor your usage on your handset to avoid exceeding your data or text allotment and incurring an overage charge.  If you often forget to check your handset, ask if alerts are available.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #4: Turn Off Hotspots/Use Free WiFi

Turn hotspot devices (i.e. MiFi) off when you are not using them to avoid unintentional usage. Take advantage of free WiFi connectivity for your mobile devices and laptops. Always connect to your home or office WiFi when you can. When you travel, use airport and hotel WiFi services. This will preserve your data on your wireless plan.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #5: Beware of Spam

Beware of suspicious text messages that may lead to subscription fees (i.e. ring tones, horoscopes, games).  Inquire with your carrier about blocking short code messages.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #6: Use Standby

Check out standby or vacation plans for spare phones or if your users have infrequent need for an AirCard or phone.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #7: Think Twice About Insurance

Insurance is rarely cost effective for phones.  The insurance premiums you pay add up quickly. Instead, think about investing in a rugged case or holster.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #8: Think Global

Do you have users traveling outside of the U.S.?  Do they travel regularly?  Be sure to investigate global plan options well before travel dates.  Carriers often offer discounted rates for a reasonable monthly fee.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #9: Don’t Forget Texts

Make sure your text plan fits your company needs.  Be sure unlimited text plans are warranted.  Likewise, if users infrequently text consider a low text plan or pay per use.

Save Money on Business Wireless Costs – Tip #10: Read the Fine Print

You need to understand your contracts. However, it’s important to consult an expert if you don’t have the industry knowledge or time to dive into the details. Experts can identify the best plans for your environment as well as negotiate special pricing, discounts and credits.

As your business grows, so does your need for a well-oiled and optimized overall telecom strategy for both wireless and wireline environments.  In addition to these 10 tips we recommend enlisting the help of a trusted expert to save time, money, and energy in telecom.  Doing so allows you peace of mind to focus on your core business initiatives.

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Diane Kisch is an industry leader in Telecom Expense Management and Practice Manager for Renodis Telecom Management.

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